SEOmoz Setup: How do I set the URL that SEOmoz data pulls for?

Your client's SEOmoz data populates with data pulled for the URL you added to your client account at the point of account creation. This URL is also the URL that is used to pull keywords rankings for your client.

If you would like SEOmoz data (and ranking data) pulled from a different URL than what you originally set up, simply follow the steps below to change the URL in your account settings.

1) Sign in to your Agency Master Account (note: your agency client subaccounts do not have access to the settings)

2) Navigate to your account settings (this is in the upper right hand corner of your screen when you are logged in)


2) Click "Account Settings" on the left hand side


3) Enter your preferred URL under "website"

4) Click "Save Changes"

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  • 14-May-2015