What are the key benefits to leveraging BringShare for Agencies?

Save Time

  • BringShare for Agencies allows you to stop wasting time manually creating marketing status reports for clients, and instead allows you to generate reports in seconds

Save Money

  • Are you maintaining an antiquated reporting system or doing things by hand? BringShare allows you to stop wasting money and resources dealing with systems that just don't work.

Stand Out in a Crowd of Agencies

  • Your White Label Reporting Dashboards help you demonstrate your focus on performance metrics by providing your clients with a unique tool that tracks and provides quick, understandable access to performance data
  • You're also differentiating yourself during the selling process by offering 24/7 access to client performance data

BringShare for Agencies replaces manual reporting and provides your clients with a value-added resource for monitoring their marketing performance data anytime anywhere. The SEO Dashboard, Email Marketing Dashboard, Social Media Dashboard and Paid Search Dashboard can easily be turned into internet marketing reports with a click of a button!

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  • 22-Apr-2015